CCPPE 0029
Chemical Protective Gloves

CCBR 0016
Floor Brush With Stick

CCBR 0011

Banister Brush

CCMP 0006

Kentucky Clip On Mop with Aluminium Stick

YJ-770 - descaler

An acidic multi-purpose surface cleaner formulated to dissolve and remove limescale, milkstone, uric salts, iron stains, rust, alkaline, detergent residues, and other mineral deposits. Superb on chrome fittings, shower heads and shower screens as well as floors, walls, sanitary ware, cubicles, showers, tiles and poolside areas. Can be used for a wide variety of spray/wipe cleaning tasks for housekeeping, leisure and building services applications.

YJ-770 is suitable for descaling coffee machine pipes including bean-to-cup machines. It is easier and quicker to use than a coffee machine descaling tablets, with no need to wait for tablets to dissolve. 

CCSG 0003

Semi-Disposable Cloths

Key properties

  • Consistent results.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Prevents scale buildup. 
  • Keeps washers at peak performance.

CCSG 0008

Nylon Scouring Pads

20mm Thick

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CCTW 0022

Kitchen Towels x12

available PACKING


 4x5 liters Cans

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