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CCSG 0008

Nylon Scouring Pads

20mm Thick

CCMP 0006

Kentucky Clip On Mop with Aluminium Stick

CCPPE 0029
Chemical Protective Gloves

TOOLS we supply THAT protect and HELP you WHEN USING OUR PRODUCTS 

Key properties

  • Dissolves protein.
  • Removes carbonized and greasy soils. 
  • Quick and efficient action.
  • Free rinsing 

available PACKING


25 kg cans

CCTW 0022

Kitchen Towels x12

quick access

CCSG 0003

Semi-Disposable Cloths

YJ-540 - foaming caustic cleaner

A concentrated, premium, high-foam-built liquid alkaline detergent. This product does not contain chlorine and is designed for challenging foam and manual cleaning applications where high foam characteristics are desirable. Caustic Foam is strong enough to handle the most difficult soils and cleaning applications. Dissolves protein, and removes carbonized and greasy soils quickly and efficiently. This product is free-rinsing with high-pressure or normal pressure water.  Used for cleaning of dairy and food processing areas. 

YJ-540 is designed for use in foaming equipment including wall-mounted and portable units and will work in hard or soft water.  Minor adjustments of the air pressure can result in large changes to the foam characteristics. 

Caustic Foam does not contain any phosphates and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Use just 30ml of product per liter of water to make a strong, degreasing HVAC condenser coil cleaner.

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CCBR 0016
Floor Brush With Stick

CCBR 0011

Banister Brush