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CCPPE 0029
Chemical Protective Gloves

CCSG 0008

Nylon Scouring Pads

20mm Thick

CCSG 0003

Semi-Disposable Cloths

CCMP 0006

Kentucky Clip On Mop with Aluminium Stick

YJ-400 - hand soap - perfumed

A liquid guest hand soap with a pleasant, fresh clean fragrance that promotes more frequent hand washing. Ideal for hotels, schools, restaurants and leisure toilet facilities. A soft, mild skin cleanser that is enriched with vitamin E to help protect skin. Contains conditioning emollients to help protect against irritation and keep skin smooth and soft, It provides a rich lather and rinses freely, which helps improve hand-washing compliance. It also minimizes residue that can cause irritation.

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4x5 liter cans

6x500ml bottles

CCBR 0016
Floor Brush With Stick

TOOLS we supply THAT protect and HELP you WHEN USING OUR PRODUCTS 

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CCBR 0011

Banister Brush

Key properties

  • Lathers quickly.
  • Contains conditioning emollients.
  • Keeps skin smooth and soft.
  • Pleasant fresh & clean fragrance.

CCTW 0022

Kitchen Towels x12