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hands care

Crazy Tradings' scented hand soaps are ideal for areas such as public restrooms. Our range is gentle enough for repeated hand washing, leaving hands smooth and clean.

Clean hands in food service, food production and kitchens is essential. Our range of antibacterial hand soap and sanitisers will ensure food safety at all times.

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YJ-420 - Alcohol Sanitize - gel 70% ALCOHOL

A fast-acting alcohol-based hand sanitizer formulated to promote skin health and reduce the spread of infections in commercial food production premises. Contains moisturizers to condition and protect the skin and contains 70% ethyl alcohol to provide fast, ...

yj-400 - hand Soap - Perfumed

A liquid guest hand soap with a pleasant, fresh clean fragrance that promotes more frequent hand washing. Ideal for hotels, schools, restaurants and leisure toilet facilities. A soft, mild skin cleanser that is enriched with vitamin E to help protect skin. 

YJ-410 - HAND SOAP antibacterial

An antibacterial hand soap with a food safe antibacterial agent to help keep hands germ-free. Hand Soap Antibacterial is non-perfumed and non-tainting and is proven to kill microorganisms that can cause illnesses. This soap provides excellent coverage to help improve hand hygiene while offering a pleasant experience.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.


TO help IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' hygiene process AND PROVIDE A food-Safe environment.