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yj-310 - oven & Grill cleaner

A heavy-duty grease cleaner. It is used to maintain areas where there is a heavy build-up of burnt grease, especially in ovens, fryers, and flat top grills. It is a concentrated blend of Alkalis, solvents, and surfactants that remove and emulsifies oils on ovens, fryers, and grills.


TO help IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' hygiene process AND PROVIDE A food-Safe environment.

YJ-320 - degreaser

A ready-to-use liquid degreaser specially formulated to remove fat and oil from kitchen equipment such as ovens, hoods and interiors of dishwashing machine. YJ-320 is a detergent suitable for manual cleaning of all heavily soiled surfaces in the kitchen. 

grease cutters

Crazy Trading has a range of innovative solutions to address all your grease removal needs. With our powerful kitchen degreasers, oven cleaners, fryer cleaners, and clean-in-place oven cleaners can make your kitchen degreasing effortless. 

YJ-540 - Foaming Caustic Cleaner

A concentrated, premium, high-foam-built liquid alkaline detergent. This product does not contain chlorine and is designed for challenging foam and manual cleaning applications where high foam characteristics are desirable.

YJ-590 - grease dissolver

High power grease removal, contains a metasilicate alkali source and surfactants to saponify and emulsify oil and grease. With minimal effort grease is washed away. One product for many applications, it works powerfully to clean deep fat fryers, extractor filters ...

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