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YJ-770 - descaler

An acidic multi-purpose surface cleaner formulated to dissolve and remove limescale, milkstone, uric salts, iron stains, rust, alkaline, detergent residues and other mineral deposits. Superb on chrome fittings, shower heads and shower screens as well as floors, walls, sanitary ware, cubicles, showers, tiles and poolside areas.


TO help IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' hygiene process AND PROVIDE A food-Safe environment.

yj-390 - glass & Stainless steel cleaner


A heavy-duty non-ammoniated glass and stainless steel surface cleaner, for housekeeping purposes, specially formulated to remove soils, smoke and grease films on glass surfaces, mirrors, windows, plexiglass, marble and plastic. 

YJ-720 - toilet bowl cleaner

A one-step disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer that is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms with a 10 minute contact time. Used daily as toilet seat, sink and urinal cleaner and descaler. Its viscosity makes it easily cling to sanitary ware surfaces to improve cleaning action.

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YJ-270 - floor mop & cleaner

A versatile formulation that cleans and disinfects most types of floors, walls, table-tops and sanitary surfaces where a pleasant fragrance is desired. It is a concentrated formulation with a neutral pH that can be used for a wide variety of spray/wipe cleaning tasks such as housekeeping, building services applications ...

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A soluble free-flowing chlorinated sanitising powder formulated as a dual halogen broad-spectrum for use on all surfaces including food preparation equipment and food contact surfaces. It is a non-foaming sanitiser which makes it suitable for circulation disinfection.

bathroom CARE

Your guests expect spotless, germ-free bathrooms to keep them happy and healthy. Crazy Trading offers a range from heavy-duty or alkaline commercial bathroom cleaners and disinfectants, multi-surface and glass cleaners, specialty cleaners and other bathroom cleaning supplies necessary to complete the operation.

YJ-730p - CITRUS/pine disinfectant

Pine Disinfectant is a heavy duty cleaner and disinfectant highly concentrated and formulated with a powerful germicide and pine oil base to kill germs and bacteria upon contact. The concentrated formula gives a great cost-per-use value.