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A soluble free-flowing chlorinated sanitising powder formulated as a dual halogen broad-spectrum for use on all surfaces including food preparation equipment and food contact surfaces. It is a non-foaming sanitiser which makes it suitable for circulation disinfection.

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sanitizers & disinfectants

A proven range of commercial disinfecting solutions that help you simplify the process to consistently deliver a better, more efficient clean. Our cleaning supplies and products will disinfect public spaces, bathrooms, tiles and more in less time. 


TO help IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' hygiene process AND PROVIDE A food-Safe environment.

yj-100 - chlorotabs

Easy-to-use disinfecting tablets that are used for a wide range of food industries. ChloroTabs dissolve quickly to give a disinfectant solution and offer a stable and less corrosive alternative to traditional liquid hypochlorite-based products. Used mainly for disinfection of fruits & vegetables Can be used as food preparation surfaces.


Peracetic acid is used mainly in the food industry, where it is applied as a cleanser and as a disinfectant. Peracetic acid is applied for bacteria and fungi removal from fruits and vegetables. It can be also used for the disinfection of rinsing water for foodstuffs.


A high-level disinfectant based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting fruits & vegetables as well as all types of tools and equipment used in hotels, restaurants and catering.

YJ-300 - clean & disinfect

A concentrated no-rinse sanitizer and cleaner. This 2-in-1 product has been designed specifically to tackle the challenges that the food and beverage, hospitals, schools, institutions and other industries has struggled with when cleaning.

YJ-150 - Bleach POWER

Bleach Power is a unique product which whitens, cleans, disinfects and removes stains from almost any surfaces.  Manufactured using high strength sodium hypochlorite and a unique surfactant formula to provide long lasting cleaning action.

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