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Crazy Trading has always supported its clients when facing the commercial challenges that arise TO ensure the cleanest most hygienic premises, whilst driving costs down and minimizing environmental impact. 

Till Today, we built our reputation not only on quality of service and hygiene products that we deliver but also for controlling cost by lowering consumption through the precise dosing units (PDU) and dilution solutions. Our PDU maximize cost control for chemical dosing whilst ensuring the right dilution rate is used.


​The safety of our clients and operators is paramount and requires the very best in terms of design and features which is the security that Our PDU range provides. Safety is at our forefront and reliability drives good safety. every PDU is fully tested prior to installation.

Running a business is about making money. To do this, Crazy Trading plays its part. From the affordability of the range of cleaning solutions, through to PDU's that are aimed at reducing operating costs.